1600 Year Old Meal Excavated at Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

Posted on: October 14th, 2016

An ancient Blackfoot dinner was unearthed on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. A carbon of a roasting pit was found at the base of Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump. Remarkably, the roasting pit is completely intact and includes a prepared meal that was never eaten. No one knows why the meal was left uneaten, but it’s a historical treasure.

earth-oven-pc-pincher-creek-voice Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

Pincher Creek Voice

The carbon was completely encased in plaster and transported to the Royal Alberta Museum, where it will be on permanent display. The protective covering will be carefully removed, and then the roasting pit will be fully excavated and preserved over several months.

Royal Alberta Museum Inventory Curator Robert Dawe found the roasting pit in back in 1990 during an excavation. It was no small task to unearth the roasting pit while keeping it completely intact. Fifty different people were involved in this intense excavation project.

piikani-elder-conrad-little-leaf-at-dig-site-pincher-creek-voice Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

Piikani elder Conrad Little Leaf makes tobacco offering at dig site PC Pincher Creek Voice

Dawe stated that “By and large what we’re looking at is the processing and the celebration of a successful buffalo hunt.” The Plains people used to conduct large and risky events where they had hudreds of people herding buffalo toward a cliff. The buffalo would panic and run over the cliff. The aboriginal people were then provided with meat to eat.

Read more about this remarkable find in an article by Pincher Creek Voice and to view a video of the excavation!

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