Congratulations to Our January Brand ID Contest Winner

Posted on: February 5th, 2015

Congratulations to the winner of our January Brand ID Contest: Neil MacLaine. He correctly identified the brand below as 3 Walking Sticks. We offered these clues during January to help our contestants:

Clue One: This historic brand was first issued in May of 1885 to a famous large black cowhand

Clue Two: When it was first issued, it was recorded as Four Walking Sticks, but the owner soon realized that four made this brand too large for the left rib position on most cattle, so he requested it be changed to Three Walking Sticks.

Jan 2015 brand

For a prize, Neil won a copy of the book Smoke from the Branding Fire by Hank Pallister, the late husband of Joyce Pallister-Bronsch. Thank you to Joyce for generously donating copies of Smoke from the Branding Fire for our monthly Brand ID Contest prize!

Smoke from the Branding Fire


Since we’re now busy producing the 2015 edition of all of our magazines, our final Brand ID Contest was held in January. Thank you to everyone who entered over the months! Other contests will be announced in the days ahead but in the meantime, remember to enter our Experience the Mountain Parks Photo Contest, which is open til the end of March. Also, be sure to vote for your favourite photos in the EMP Photo Contest.


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