January Brand ID Contest Ends on the 31st

Posted on: January 28th, 2015

Our January Brand ID Contest ends on Saturday, January 31. It’s your last chance to win a copy of the book Smoke from the Branding Fire, courtesy of Joyce Pallister-Bronsch, as a prize for our monthly trivia contest.  If you correctly identify the brand below, you’ll be entered into a draw for a copy of the book. As a bonus, we’re also offering a couple of clues below. Click here to enter.

Jan 2015 brand

Clue One: This historic brand was first issued in May of 1885 to a famous large black cowhand

Clue Two: When it was first issued, it was recorded as Four Walking Sticks, but the owner soon realized that four made this brand too large for the left rib position on most cattle, so he requested it be changed to Three Walking Sticks.

You can learn more about the Western lifestyle by reading Smoke from the Branding Fire. It’s written by Hank Pallister, who served as Coordinator of Brand Inspection for Alberta. Through his position, he came to know many of the personalities that gave so much to the aura of cowboy life in the Canadian west. His experiences and knowledge of Alberta’s cattle brand registrations and ranching history, its lore and memorable characters are recorded in this book in rich detail.

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